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  • Upcoming SC LENDS Meetings
    • SC LENDS Executive Board Meeting, TBA
    • SC LENDS Cataloging Committee Meeting, TBA

Tips, How-tos and Who for SC LENDS Staff

Executive Board and Working Groups

Meeting agendas and minutes are located with the appropriate group, as well as other information pertaining to the workings of each area.

SC LENDS Policies

These are the policies that the SC LENDS Advisory Committee has approved for the consortium so far. New policies or changes to the current policies can be recommended through the SC LENDS working groups or by contacting the Chair of the SC LENDS Advisory Committee.

Test Server

SC LENDS libraries are welcome to use the test server for training and experimentation. The test server URL is, and it currently runs Evergreen version Because the test server is not set up to handle the kind of traffic the SC LENDS production server can, please check the SC LENDS Test Server Schedule to reserve the test server.


These are links to documentation from other Evergreen projects and links to working Evergreen catalogs.


These are works in process.

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