Notary Services

Notary Services


There is no fee to have a document notarized at the South Carolina State Library.

Time of Service

Notary services will only be provided during normal South Carolina State Library hours: 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday - Friday. Closed on state holidays.

What is a Library Notary?

Library Notaries witness a customer signing a document or signing a sworn statement on a document. The Library Notary documents that:

  • The signer of the document appeared before the Notary;
  • The Notary positively identified the signer; and
  • The signer both acknowledged the signature as her or his, and that the signature was made willingly.

The Library provides Notary services in accordance with the South Carolina Notary Public Reference ManualLibrary Notaries may decline to provide notary service in situations that do not comply with the provisions of this Manual.

What you need to know before coming to the library for Notary service

The person who will sign the document must appear personally before the Notary.

The person who will sign the document must be sure that the document is completely filled out, leaving no blanks other than where the customer will sign the document, before appearing before the Library Notary. Library Notaries may not notarize any document with blank spaces. 

The person who will sign the document should bring her or his own witnesses, if the document to be notarized requires witnessing. 

The person who will sign the document must provide the Notary with at least one valid form of identification. The Notary may decline to notarize a document if the signer cannot provide valid identification. 

Acceptable forms of identification include a valid driver’s license; valid state identification; valid military identification card; valid passport; personal knowledge of the notary public; or verification of a credible witness.

Library Notaries only notarize documents written in English. Library Notaries must be able to communicate in English directly with the signer. 

Library Notaries cannot notarize vital records.  It is unlawful for anyone other than the country, state or county to certify vital records. The country, state office or county where the vital record originated and is filed must certify the document. Vital records are birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, divorce decrees, and documents of that nature. 

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